Born in France, at LYON, in October 1943, he has an artistic formation from his earliest years. He gave his first show at 15 years old in his native town, then in differents places. He loves to translate on canvas the atmosphere of landscapes and especially, Provence and Bretagne.

Speaking about Pelletier, it's not necessarily to speak about such or such school of art, or a specific technique but rather a person looking for a personal development through his paintings.
Landscapes take shape through essence of man. He adapts them from the quality of these days ; if those are tinted of colours, the canvas will be also coloured .

The development setted up in the course of time. The shades have become shapes, a stylistic daring. Pelletier loves the atmospheres of landscapes, or musicians, or fishermen.

He knows surprise himself, he questions himself whenever he paints. The figures guide him in his creation : a wheatfield, a cypress, a farm. He goes for a walk in the country and a luxuriant landscape opens up before him.

He stocks some views fullhead, takes again his notes , realizes some sketches and when he goes back to his workroom , he translates on the canvas with a sptatula or a palette knife, the memories he lived.

In 1993, he published his first book of art entitled "
LYON DE NOS JOURS". A second book is published in 1996 " LYONNAIS, BEAUJOLAIS, MACONNAIS ", then in 1998 " AQUARELLES EN PROVENCE " . All these books are today sold out.

Main Shows

1980 - Courchevel, Hotel Anapurna. Lyon, Hotel Sofitel, - Institute Pasteur - Salon Regain at Lyon
1981 - Gallery Peterson
1982 - Hotel Carlina , Courchevel
1983 - Gallery Helene Lyon. The artist sells some works to Chillingsworth at Boston
1984 - Library Decitre in LYON, Restaurant Le Vieux Moulin à St Tropez. Chillingsworth Gallery, Boston, Cap Cod
1985 - The tufts University at Talloires..Gallery Taille Douce , Roanne. He realizes many water colours for famous restaurants - ORSI, LEON DE LYON, LE BISTROT DE LYON
1986 - Edition of lythographies in Paris. Edition of postalcards by ELBE in the south of France, Provence, Côte d'Azur. Edition of calendars from 1985 to 1990 CECAB LYON. Galerie des Remparts at Hyeres.
1987 - Exhibition at Galerie Crozatier in Lyon.
1990 - Galerie Ergio at Villefranche sur mer, Galerie Atelier at Grau du Roi. Tops socquet , Mégève
1993 - Edition of a book of art
1995 - Exhibition to Gallery of Mougins (South of France) . Edition of a second book
1996 - President of 18eme salon of painters of Brignais.
1997 - Creation of a third book
Aquarelles en Provence "
1998 - The artist opens his own gallery in Lyon :
Vision d'Artiste ", 26, quai Romain-Rolland 69005 LYON
2000 &ndash Exhibition in october to CHARBONNIERES &ndash november 2000 Exhibition into his Gallery.. Décember 2000 send to States (North-Caroline) some works.

2001 &ndash Send to States (California) some works - Show into artist'Gallery. Member of " Cotation Drouot"

2002 &ndash Permanent show : Galerie Antinéa to Marseille &ndash Permanent show in several Galleries to Provence....

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